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PRESS RELEASE    |    27 MARCH 2021

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Snoozemaker v1.0 is available to download on iOS from the App Store.

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Introducing Snoozemaker — Sleep and mindfulness, made easy with a virtual guide (using AI technology).

The virtual guide is a specialized artificial intelligence built using advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize natural sounding human speech. The synthesized speech is combined with a voice-user interface and closed captioning to create dynamic experiences such as guided meditations and breathing exercises.

Discover tools to help you sleep and release stress. Each tools provides high quality audio playback and visualisations.


Get immersed in a relaxing and atmospheric scene. Listen in the background or visualize yourself in the scene.


Follow the guide through a number of breathing cycles. Breathing is one of the easiest, natural tools to improve your mood and reduce stress.


A collection of curated music to unwind and relax. Listen in the background or be mesmerized by a visualization.

Guided Meditation

Follow the guide through different styles of meditation. Listen carefully to what the guide is saying or focus on the words, or a combination of both.


Relax and focus on the sounds moving around you (based on ASMR). Each sound is a binaural recording to create a three-dimensional sound sensation.


Tools designed for relaxation that you can control with gestures. Every tool is different and specifically designed to help you de-stress.


Pay-once, no subscription and enjoy all access to scenes, music, breathing exercises, guided meditations and more. To make purchases, you need an Apple ID and a valid payment method.